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Schools that adopt services from the School of Sustainable Development will be part of an international SDG literacy programme. Through experiential education grade 4 and 5 students will learn valuable life skills on how to protect the planet, be financially independent and unbiased towards other cultures, genders or race.

All modules can be linked to the life skills curriculum and include reading, writing and maths exercises. The activities in the module increase student engagement and offer more opportunities for outdoor learning.

Two services are offered to schools:

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The School of Sustainable Development offers to schools a variety of SDG elearning modules, with a teacher login that is linked to learner logins. Access codes will enable you:

  • Great Captain Fanplastic stories
  • Captivating video and photographic content
  • Gamified assessments (reading, writing & math)
  • Recorded facilitation
  • Facilitation guidelines
  • Tracking and tests

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The Captain’s Experience

Your school is visited by the legendary Captain Fanplastic, either in person (available in NL and SA) or online. Students will enjoy storytelling, learning, innovating and what to do in relation to a specific SDG providing your school with:

  • Relevant and valuable content for the life skills curriculum
  • Free access to all SDG modules through the teacher E-Learning
  • Quantifiable impact on relevant SDG’s
  • Inspirational content for teachers

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